Daily Links 1/10/2013: SAP unveils Business Suite ERP to HANA in-memory database

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SAP Challenges Oracle With Speed Increase to Mainstay Software (Bloomberg)

SAP Ports its Business Suite Software to the HANA In-memory Database
The capability will become generally available later this year

SAP co-founder responds to 'drugs' gibe from Oracle's Larry Ellison (LA Times)

Billtrust Announces Merger With Best Practice Systems
Combination of Two eBilling Market Leaders To Shape Future Market Direction
(PR Newswire)
Billtrust is based in Hamilton, NJ.

Can Meg Whitman Reverse Hewlett-Packard's Free Fall? (Business Week)

NetSuite Acquires Point-of-Sale Company Retail Anywhere (All Things D)

Cognizant beefs up in Europe via C1 Group acquisitions (ZDNet)

Urban Outfitters Posts Record Holiday Sales (Fox Business)
Direct to consumer (essentially ecommerce) increases 38%.