Google Alerts stream is back in my RSS reader again (without me having to do anything)

Tom Paine

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When Google shut down its Reader RSS service at the beginning of July, one of the things that disappeared along with it was the ability to send your Google Alerts directly to a feed reader. The only option you were given by Google Alerts was to send all of your alerts to email. While some people found workarounds to this, for most of us the result was painful at best. Sorting through a multitude of alerts on email is a terribly slow process.

A few weeks ago, Google reinstated the ability to direct your alerts to your feed reader. However, at the time there appeared to be no way to do this "in bulk"; instead it required tediously redirecting alerts from email back your feed reader one by one, if I understood correctly. I hadn't had time to do that given the large number of alerts that I have.

But today I noticed that the alert stream in my RSS reader appears to be back to its old self. When exactly this transformation occurred I don't know since I hadn't looked at that stream for a while. Anyway, Google giveth, they taketh away, and some times they giveth back again a little of what they took away.

Google Alerts are a very important part of what I try to cover since it helps me pick up articles and items somewhat off the beaten path that sometimes turn into the basis for important stories. Now, if I can only figure out why converting iGoogle to My Yahoo isn't working for me.

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