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Posted: 11 Jul 2012 02:31 PM PDT
phillytechnews: Uber to Experiment With Ice Cream on Demand in 7 Cities - (not Philly)
Posted: 11 Jul 2012 02:10 PM PDT
phillytechnews: TimesCast Tech: The End of Minitel - (France's precursor to the Internet)
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phillytechnews: My friends at FOSSCON 2012 – pleia2's blog
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phillytechnews: Starting Today: Try RJMetrics for Free without a Credit Card (RJMetrics Blog)

First Round Capital Portfolio job board: Interesting Reading

Tom Paine

First Round Capital's job board, covering all of its 130+ portfolio companies, makes for interesting reading, and not only for job hunters. It currently shows about 1,000 open positions. It can tell you a great deal about the developments taking place within some of the most interesting web/mobile startups, and the directions they may be going in.

For example, San Francisco-based social recommendation and sharing engine StumbleUpon, which historically has been a fairly small operation, shows 32 open positions, most of them in San Francisco. First Round Capital was an early investor in StumbleUpon, which started life in Alberta. It was acquired by eBay in 2007, an experience that didn't work out too well, and it was reacquired by an investor group that included the founders and FRC in 2009. Recently StumbleUpon has experienced accelerating growth and increasing monetization.

Conshohocken-based ecommerce software vendor Monetate has 12 open positions listed, 11 of them in Conshohocken.

Other FRC portfolio companies with Philly area openings listed include Curalate (one in Philadelphia), Solve Media (one in Philadelphia), PackLate (one in Conshohocken), Relay Network (two in Radnor), Lifeshield Security (one in Yardley), OpenX, which has a King of Prussia presence through its acquisition of LiftDNA early this year (two), and one position with New York-based Warby Parker in Philadelphia. Warby Parker is looking for 19 people in total, according to the job board.

A startup named PerformLine, which has its headquarters in Morristown, NJ and provides online advertising compliance services, has two openings. New York-based, which apparently has warehouse & fulfillment operations in Edison, NJ, lists several openings there.


Daily Links 7/11/2012: Fiberlink to add as many as 140 in new Philly office

Uber thinks it can woo Philadelphians with luxury car service (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Uber bringing on-demand ice cream trucks to select cities on Friday only (The Verge)
Had to double check this article to make sure it wasn't a joke. Not available in Philly right away, though. I imagine the consolidated ice cream truck drivers guild will be outraged by this.

Google Maps adds floor plans and walking directions for 20 US museums (Engadget)
Including Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Fiberlink to add 140 at new Philly office ( Philly Deals)

Marc Benioff, Lars Dalgaard, and David Sacks Are About To Do Battle, Says VC Who Backed Them All (SAI: Enterprise)

Starting Today: Try RJMetrics for Free without a Credit Card (RJMetrics Blog)