Updating Philadelphia's "Young Companies to Watch"

Tom Paine

I've updated Philly Tech News' "Young Companies to Watch" by removing Octagon Research Solutions after the completion of its acquisition by Accenture, which I wrote about here: (Accenture completes acquisition of Octagon Research Solutions; will be "fully integrated"). Although I don't know how much Accenture paid for it, Octagon was at the top of my list based on a rough estimate of potential market value.

To replace Octagon, I've added SkillSurvey of Wayne. Founded in 2001, SkillSurvey has been a pioneer in automating web-based reference-checking in the employment application process. According to a Bloomberg article earlier this year, the company said last year’s revenue was $9.5 million and this year's should be more than $14 million. SkillSurvey has raised $5.7 million from investors including Milestone Venture Partners and Inflection Point Ventures. It is probably a good M&A candidate giving the consolidation going on now in the talent management space.


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