Daily Links 9/13/2010: Post-Saridakis, pointed questions about PointRoll

Post-Saridakis, pointed questions about PointRoll (Gannett Blog)
PointRoll, based in Conshohocken, is owned by Gannett.

Drivers vote down latest contract offer from Philadelphia newspapers (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Paetec buying rival telecom Cavalier for $460M (AP via Google News)
Both Paetec and Cavalier have operations in the Philadelphia area.

Cable’s Fall Agenda in D.C.
Industry Thrust Into ‘Vortex’ of Broadband Policy Issues
(Multichannel News)

Will Oracle Buy Informatica Next? (IDG via New York Times)

SAP New-Product Blitz Tomorrow (Information Week: Global CIO Blog)

Ojo Video Phone Lives! Er, Again! (Zatz Not Funny!)

Chattanooga, TN beats Google to 1Gbps—for $350 a month (Ars Technica)

Cable-TV slowly steps into stereo 3-D (EE Times)

Ex-Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz Launches Health IT Firm
Picture of Health is recruiting staff for a firm that aims to "leverage technology in pursuit of better health."
(Information Week)