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phillytechnews: Light Reading Cable: Google may sell off Horsham-based Motorola Home by year end
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phillytechnews: RT @evwelsh: SAP Hits Home Run With New York Yankees Partnership #SCN via @SAPCommNet
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phillytechnews: New PTN Post: Dennis Howlett: Significant SuccessFactors accounting issues prior to being acquired by SAP

Dennis Howlett: Significant SuccessFactors accounting issues prior to being acquired by SAP

Enterprise Software consultant, analyst and blogger Dennis Howlett discovered that SuccessFactors had significant, "material" accounting issues at the time SAP agreed to acquire it last year. He questions whether SAP understood all these issues at the time of the agreeement, and whether SuccessFactors may have been overvalued as a result. Similar questions exist for many other SaaS and Cloud Vendors, which often use some accounting metrics and recognition methods that differ from more tradtional software vendors.

Ascent Venture Partners partner Matt Fates, writing in Gigaom, offers a explanation of using metrics that reflect a SaaS perspective. This may be appropriate, but that doesn't justify material accounting deficiencies that may have existed in the case of SuccessFactors.


Ben Franklin Technology Partners SEP Invests $1.375M in Seven Early-Stage Companies

Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania announced today it had approved investments totaling $1.375 million in seven early stage ventures. BFTP had previously invested in two of these ventures. Ben Franklin's press release:

Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania Approves $1.375M for Seven Early-Stage Companies

August 6, 2012

PHILADELPHIA, PA ( – Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania (BFTP/SEP) recently approved $1,375,000 in funding for seven early-stage companies.

“We’re excited that this round of investments is comprised of such a diverse group of companies - with target consumers ranging from energy efficient manufacturers to diabetic patients to television viewers,” said RoseAnn B. Rosenthal, President & CEO of Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania. “Southeastern Pennsylvania is becoming a leader in developing technologies that affect just about every facet of our lives,” she added.

Companies approved for funding:

ARB Geowell – West Conshohocken – Montgomery County – Approved Investment: $125,000

ARB Geowell has developed a novel geothermal heating/cooling platform that permits better heat transfer in the underground well. Using a unique design that provides more surface area and better contact with the earth, ARB Geowell’s system offers higher energy efficiency. In most cases, the increased efficiency allows the project to eliminate the need to drill multiple holes on site, and thus markedly lower the cost of construction.

Its target market ranges from residential homes to commercial buildings, schools and developments.

The company is led by Harry R. Halloran, Jr., President; Kathryn Coffey, COO; and Albert A. Koenig, Ph.D., Vice President.

Brad’s Raw Chips, LLC – Pipersville – Bucks County – Approved Investment: $100,000

Brad’s Raw Chips, manufactured with an advanced dehydration system, was launched when its founder and creator, Brad Gruno, made significant changes in his life and discovered the health benefits of eating raw. In order to still be able to enjoy crunchy snacks, he began making his own raw chips in his kitchen.

The snacks he developed are now the basis of the company’s line of healthy, crunchy snacks made from dehydrated raw, healthy foods—such as fresh vegetables, nuts, and seeds. All of the company’s products contain no chemicals, preservatives, trans-fats, or gluten.

The company’s products are sourced from local farms whenever possible, and are considered “raw’ because they are not baked or fried, but rather are dehydrated to preserve all the nutrients and enzymes. It is currently developing other raw food products including dips, granola, pizza crust, and crackers.

Brad’s Raw Chips is led by CEO & Founder Brad Gruno, and COO Walter Gruger.

Drakontas, LLC – Glenside – Montgomery County – Approved Investment: $250,000

Drakontas has created mobile collaboration software that helps teams share information while working together, via smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. to enable real-time exchange of critical data.

Their solutions primarily serve government factions, such as police, military, fire, emergency response, and public service teams; helping them to improve operations and efficiency, make decisions more quickly, and enhance their own and the public’s safety.

Drakontas’ flagship product, DragonForce™, combines geo-tracking (which allows for tracking of personnel on maps and floor plans), a whiteboard for coordinating tactics, shared media and files of critical information, and text messaging; to allow law enforcement teams to act faster, safer, and more efficiently.

The company is led by Dr. Brian Regli, CEO; James J. Sim, President & COO; Dr. Alan Kaplan, CTO; and Joseph Madgey, CAO.

Daily Links 8/6/2012: Report says Google has decided to sell Motorola Home; Vanguard bringing techie back in to lead IT

Google Preps Sale of Motorola Home (Light Reading Cable)
Horsham-based unit might be sold by year end, according to Light Reading's sources, though Google may strip off and retain some IP assets.

For Vanguard CIO, Running IT Comes Second
Vanguard is bringing a true techie back in to lead IT, but his job will be about a lot more than technology.
(Information Week)
GE veteran John Marcante becomes CIO, and former CIO Paul Heller becomes head of the retail investor group.

Minneapolis spent millions on no-bid IT contract (Minneapolis Star Tribune)
Some questioning city's long term relationship with Unisys.

Viridity receives $15M investment (Philadelphia Inquirer)
From Japanese corporation; values Viridity at $100 million.

Comcast's Brian Roberts: ‘We see these Olympics as a real laboratory’ (Sports Business Daily)