Links 9/3/2013: Nokia sells handset business to Microsoft

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Nokia to sell handset business to Microsoft for $7.2 billion

Finns Mourn Loss of Icon Nokia as Microsoft Takes Over

Comcast vision paying off $7,000 in '72 IPO would now be $6.2M. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Maker of software for online MD talks raises $10m more (Boston Globe)
Safeguard Scientifics leads with $7.5 million.

CBS Wins Carriage Battle With Time Warner Cable (Analysis) (Hollywood Reporter)

Cord-cutting reality: Pay-TV industry loses 217,000 subscribers (LA Times: Company Town)

Facebook Forges Ahead With Mobile Rich Media Ads Via PointRoll Agreement (MediaPost News)

Lithium Technologies extends pre-IPO life (Fortune Tech)
Raises another $50 million. SAP Ventures was a participant in Lithium's $53 million round
last year.