Snabe: "Further acquisitions are possible" for SAP

Tom Paine

When SAP co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe says the company is considering making other acquisitions, as he told a German newspaper in an article appearing in its Monday edition, I listen, because his statements have proven to be accurate predictors. He made similar comments shortly preceeding two of its past three big deals - Sybase and SuccessFactors - though I don't recall if he made such a comment before the Ariba acquisition was announced.

In this case, though, he did specify that that there were no concrete plans at present for any purchases, according to Reuters' report on the original article. So I wouldn't expect anything within the next few months at least. And I would guess that SAP would like to get the Ariba deal done (DOJ came back for more information) before swallowing any other large foreign objects.

Nonetheless, Snabe's comments will probably start a whole new round of the popular guessing game "Who will SAP buy next", with enterprise social media (Jive, Lithium?) near the top of many lists as it has been for a while.