Viva Amiga Theatrical Trailer - Retro Computer Documentary

It happened in West Chester. Could Commodore have become what Apple is today?

Sunday Highlights: What Comcast's future remotes may look like; Amazon Alexa Dominates Voice-Command Tech At CES

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These Universal Electronics concept remotes could be the future for streaming boxes
Universal Electronics makes remotes for Comcast.

Hulu Sneaks a Peek at OTT TV Service
(Multichannel News)
Still negotiating with part-owner NBCU/Comcast for right to use its content.

Amazon Alexa Dominates Voice-Command Tech At CES 2017 (Investor's Business Daily)

Detroit Show Reveals a Google-Designed Van That Could Steer the Car Industry (NY Times)

South Jersey Audio Tech Startup Melds What You Need To Hear With What You Want To Hear (CBS Philadelphia)