Google Fiber to Austin confirmed: AT&T issues some kind of response

Tom Paine

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Confirming speculation shortly before the scheduled 1pm (central) press conference in Austin, Google Fiber's Milo Medin confirmed on a post on the Google Fiber Blog that Austin would indeed be the second Google Fiber city, following Kansas City Kansas/Missouri.

Medin says Google Fiber hopes to begin deploymments in mid-2014, largely along the same terms and conditions as in Kansas City.

Correction: Press conference was apparently at 9am PST (12pm eastern), an hour earlier than I thought I had read previously.

Austin’s Mayor Lee Leffingwell sees advantage in being the 2nd Google Fiber City, TechCrunch reported.

AT&T shot back quickly this afternoon with an announcement that it would compete with Google to provide 1 Gig broadband to Austin, though the announcement was (in my view) lacking much clarity in terms of the depth of its commitment and breadth of services.

Google Fiber's primary incumbent competitors in Austin will be Time Warner Cable on the cable side and AT&T's U-verse on the telecom side.

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