Daily Links 5/17/2012: Philly Fed Index in sharp downturn; Comcast experiments with tiered broadband pricing

Comcast tries tiered data pricing, continues fight with Netflix (LA Times: Company Town)

Comcast answers data cap questions
"We're out of the cap business," Comcast says.
(Ars Technica)

What's Comcast cooking for The Cable Show? (FierceCable)

Facebook To Start Trading At 11 A.m. Friday, Nasdaq Says
(Fox Business)

Philly Fed factory index turns negative in May
Manufacturing activity shrinks in May for first time since September
Rather dramatic change.

Philly Fed Undercuts the Growth Picture (Wall Street Journal: MarketBeat)

May 2012 Philly Fed Business Outlook Survey

The cult of code-writers, and no-bid contracts
(Dave Davies/Newsworks)

Verizon plans price hikes for Fios, wireless users (CNET News)

Salesforce.Com Tops Estimates As Corporate Deal Sizes Increase (Bloomberg)
Seems to defy some recent reports suggesting slower momentum in Salesforce's partner ecosystem.