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 Industry Spotlight: Pilot CEO Joe Fasone Takes On Business     Fiber   (Telecom Ramblings)

"But we've actually seen it the most prominently in Philadelphia, where we get a lot of demand coming from outside of downtown. It’s a bit of a reverse commuter situation where we're seeing office parks immediately outside of Philadelphia with greater demand for some of the connectivity than the traditional high-rise office buildings downtown. And we're pretty quick to cater to that demand because we have the ability optically to extend our reach to those places with ease."

Sounds as if Comcast (and perhaps Verizon) are leaving a lot on the table for this company to pick up.

Fasone's approach seems very well though out, but its aways vulnerable to the big guys more directly taking on his niche.

Meanwhile, Comcast is launching against an incumbent in Rochester  (no, not NY).

Oracle shares fall after revenue misses analyst estimates (CNBC)  
Hardly the end of the world for this huge, highly profitable giant which would probably continue producing large cash flows for 50 years while doing nothing. But these results may raise more questions about the pace of its cloud transition, at a time when its reporting is becoming less transparent. But in the meantime, Larry can rest easy. Though it may explain the "temporary" departure of Thomas Kurian.

 Comcast and Fox are on course to settle pursuit of Sky with a blind auction   (CNBC)

That's what it will come down to, unless some type of deal is reached this week. The UK has some arcane M&A rules. Not sure what purpose they serve.

DowDuPont names spin-off bosses for Corteva Ag, 'new' DuPont; will Breen sell DuPont pieces? / Inquirer


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