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New Jersey map irks some, amuses others

Joe Steinfield, a 22 year old Rutgers grad from Westfield, NJ, posted this themed, descriptive map of New Jersey on Reddit early this week, and it quickly went viral on the Web. (Click twice on it to expand).

While a case can be made that the map is biting, politically incorrect and perhaps insensitive to some, I think it on the whole is an excellent piece of satire. Having never resided in New Jersey but at both ends of it, I have traveled most of its highways and byways and find the map an insightful and accurate portrayal, in a stereotypical kind of way. Also, it highlights the fact that New Jersey is a much more diverse place than many who hardly ever get off the Turnpike or Parkway realize it is.

Steinfield, who works as a part-time research assistant at Rutgers, says he really didn't want all the attention the map has generated.