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Cox acquires mobile app Experience, which adds Phillies to client roster

Tom Paine

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Cox Enterprises, parent of Cox Communications (Cox Cable), the Atlanta Journal Constitution and several ecommerce businesses, has acquired Experience, an Atlanta-based provider of a mobile app that enables fans to purchase seat upgrades at games and events, and buy and sell tickets with season ticket holders. The app, which uses iBeacon technology for iOS users, also offers other features intended to enhance the spectator experience. The price was reported to be in excess of $200 million.

Experience was launched by Atlanta serial entrepreneur Tripp Rackley with the support of his unusual venture relationship with Cox. Rackley, who sits on Cox's board, has a $250 million fund from Cox dedicated to his venture activities.

It has relationships with over 170 professional and collegiate teams, as well as several live event brands. Teams it partners with include the Braves, Falcons, Orlando Magic, Dallas Cowboys, and the University of Alabama.

Experience has a partnership with MLB Advanced Media, and recently added the Phillies to its client roster, a company source tells me (confirmed by this tweet:)