PandoDaily interview with DuckDuckGo's Gabriel Weinberg (audio)

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PandoDaily's Hamish McKenzie conducted a lengthy audio interview with DuckDuckGo founder
Gabriel Weinberg
, which focuses primarily on privacy issues raised by the Snowden case and other recent revelations. It also takes on numerous other issues, such as what its like running a startup in some place called Paoli, PA (Weinberg cites the real value of being around "normal people, outside the tech bubble").


Daily Links 7/5/2013: Solve Media raises another $6 million; PA legislature passes $75M tech-funding program

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Solve Media Raises $6 Million to Continue to Transform CAPTCHAs Into Ads (All Things D)
First Round Capital participated again in latest round in the New York/Philly-based startup. CEO Ari Jacoby recently said that Solve would do $13 to $16 million in revenue this year.

PA legislature passes $75M tech-funding program (Philadelphia Business Journal)

Silver Lake Abandons Hulu Purchase Effort, as Final Bidding Deadline Arrives Today (All Things D)

Dell: Bloomberg Reports CEO Dell Won’t Increase $13.65 LBO Offer (Barron': Tech Trader Daily)

Verizon pursues all-wireless phone service in seaside N.Y. town
(Washington Post)

Verizon would end “century of regulation” by killing wireline phone, says NY AG
AG thinks Verizon should be fined $100,000 per day for pushing wireless plans.
(Ars Technica)

BuLogics Returns to Philadelphia, Continues to Recruit Software Developers (BuLogics Press Release)