Ciright ONE Introduces a Patented, Re-programmable Smart Card and Wallet App: String Theory School Benefits with Donation

Ciright ONE Introduces a Patented, Re-programmable Smart Card and Wallet App:

String Theory School Benefits with $250,000 Donation

WHAT: To celebrate the November 18th launch of the ONE card, Ciright ONE is donating the technology platform behind the ONE mobile wallet app to the String Theory School.

ONE is a microprocessor electronic card “super smart” card that allows consumers to consolidate all credit, debit, loyalty and gift cards into one dynamic electronic card that communicates with the ONE mobile wallet app. The ONE card when combined with the ONE mobile wallet app gives the user access to all of their cards “on the fly” which provides the consumer the flexibility to pay with their ONE universal card or smartphone. In addition, ONE is powered by Ciright, which connects ONE to the cloud, then the cloud to the Ciright enterprise environment.

Ciright ONE is donating a license to use its highly coveted, infinitely scalable technology to help the students and staff at the String Theory School achieve their mission of growing the next generation of creative leaders. The total donation exceeds $250,000 and will empower students to efficiently design and develop mobile apps using the Ciright platform.

WHO: Participants in the donation portion of the event include:

- String Theory COO Dr. Jason Corosanite

WHEN: 10am Registration | Event 10:30-11:30am

WHERE: String Theory School, 1600 Vine Street Philadelphia


Ciright ONE LLC, an affiliate of Ciright, is a mobile technology solutions provider focused on simplifying everyday tasks for businesses and consumers. Ciright is headquartered in West Conshohocken, Pa., the “Liberty Valley.” For more information, visit

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