This is weird: Nextdoor is asking you to give it info about your neighbors

Tom Paine

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Received this email from online community website Nextdoor, of which I'm a registered user:

Hi Tom. Do you know if xxxx xxxx lives on xxxx xxxx Rd?
Keeping Nextdoor xxxxxxxx (neighborhood) strong, safe, and happy is our top priority. Part of that means making sure members who join Nextdoor really do live in your neighborhood. Mind giving us a hand by helping verify a new neighbor?

Some may find this acceptable. I don't.

Nextdoor describes its neighbor verification testing program here.

Nextdoor, a member of the Unicorn club, has raised over $200 million. Its roughly the cyber equivalent of a gated community, though free to join. Comcast Ventures invested in its past two large rounds. You can share information about bear sightings in your hood, but naturally Nextdoor is rolling out more commercial applications.