MLB: Speed up the game

Tom Paine

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I heard the announcers on today's Fox baseball game discuss steps that can be taken to shorten the length of games, a subject under active consideration By MLB.

Steps like requiring a reliever to pitch to at least two batters, or other measures to cut back on the number of relief pitchers used. (Each pitching change adds x extra minutes to a game; my guess is 8 minutes). Cutting back on chat time. I would say sharper enforcement of the 12 second rule,for the time a pitcher is supposed to have to throw the ball after receiving it with the bases empty. And most instant replay reviews add time.

I love baseball, but the game is too long. Sitting through a nine inning game lasting much more than 3 hours is asking too much. Most people just don't have the time.

I know that to enjoy a game, you've got to be able to sit down and relax for a while. But many people, particularly in the age of iPhones, can't adjust to that. Go into a restaurant or other public place with a common TV and see how rarely it ends up on a baseball game. Some people would rather watch anything but.

MlB is making a good deal of money from, but that's a niche audience. Its having trouble engaging broader audiences, except at certain times in certain cities.

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Winola Lake Health IT’s SmartSupply Health Solution Will Make Its Official Debut at AHRMM16 in San Diego

Winola Lake Health IT’s SmartSupply Health Solution Will Make Its Official Debut at AHRMM16 in San Diego
July 29, 2016 11:10 AM Eastern Daylight Time
PIPERSVILLE, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Winola Lake Health IT, leading provider of healthcare IT and point of care technology solutions, will officially debut its SmartSupply Health Solution at AHRMM16 in San Diego. SmartSupply Health is an advanced supply chain offering that has been designed for the sole purpose of serving the unique requirements of healthcare and life sciences applications.

“Supply chain is essential to many of healthcare’s most important strategic objectives."
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The offering, first announced in December 2015, is the result of a collaborative effort between Winola Lake Health IT and JASCI, a tenured leader in the enterprise supply chain space. SmartSupply Health brings together Winola Lake’s experience in the healthcare industry with JASCI’s proven cloud-based supply chain platform to transform the management of medical supplies – particularly in the last mile of the supply chain, from dock to patient bedside.

Since its initial announcement, SmartSupply Health has made a positive impact for several of Winola Lake’s hospital and health system clients. The product is now ready to make its entrée into the broader market.

SmartSupply Health comes at a time when the healthcare system is under greater pressure to contain costs and improve efficiency than ever before. With supply chain expected to exceed 44 percent of all healthcare costs by 2022, the function represents a ready opportunity for significant time and cost savings.

“In healthcare, the role of supply chain is more than a functional one,” said Rick Hodge, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Winola Lake Health IT. “Because of its significant cost impact and pervasiveness, supply chain is essential to many of healthcare’s most important strategic objectives, including the improvement of care quality, outcomes, efficiency and cost effectiveness.”

Similarly, SmartSupply Health is designed to play both a strategic and functional role. In addition to providing real-time, end-to-end visibility and control over supplies and inventory from the supplier to the point of care, SmartSupply Health offers analytics integrated with IBM Watson, helping providers to make actionable the wealth of data contained in their supply chains.

Among SmartSupply Health’s additional features are its SmartTask Workflow Engine, which empowers providers to configure workflows on the go, and its labor tracking and management capabilities, which enable providers to measure and improve efficiency.

Winola Lake Health IT views AHRMM16 as the perfect forum to bring the supply offering to market. “We chose to officially launch the product at AHRMM16 because this year’s theme of ‘Collaborating to Achieve the Triple Aim’ is well-aligned with SmartSupply Health’s benefits, which impact both providers and their patient populations,” said Rick of the launch.

Winola Lake Health IT will showcase the offering in Booth #530 in the New Exhibitor Pavilion, where they will be conducting live product demos for attendees.

About Winola Lake Health IT

Winola Lake Health IT provides healthcare technology and services that address the diverse needs of a number of healthcare roles. Committed to bringing innovative solutions that fulfill healthcare information technology needs, Winola Lake Health IT’s solutions make hospitals, long-term care facilities and physicians’ offices more efficient, improving the quality of care and the patient experience. With a seasoned team of healthcare technology veterans, Winola Lake Health IT takes a consultative approach to solving clinical application problems, working with clients to exceed the goals of their institution.

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