Highlights 10/16: Comcast, Maybe Apple, Aim To Get Skinny TV Right; Comcast: We'll take an incremental approach to deploying 100G

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Should Comcast Woo Unhappy AT&T DSL Subscribers? (Investor's Business Daily)

Are Verizon and AT&T ‘locking up’ the market for business Internet? The FCC will investigate. (Washington Post)

Comcast, Maybe Apple, Aim To Get Skinny TV Right (Investor's Business Daily)

Comcast: We'll take an incremental approach to deploying 100G (FierceTelecom)

NBC10 and union agree on new contract, ending camera operators' strike
(Philadelphia Inquirer)

SAP's Orca leaps from the depths early, Needled by Amazon (The Register)

Amazon makes nice (sort of) with hybrid cloud crowd (Fortune)

Prediction: VMware competitors will cash in on the heels of Dell/EMC merger
(Tech Republic)

So how much is Uber really worth? (CNBC)

Philly Tech News Tweets & Quotes: 10/16/2015: McDermott, Roberts, Texas governor Abbott

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"It really is an industry I have enormous personal regard for — and even more heightened respect now, for the first responders, the nurses, the doctors. This is an unbelievably caring system.

In every single meeting, you have to repeat the entire story all over again, because there’s no one electronic medical record that comes before you — or follows you — throughout a case,”

-SAP CEO Bill McDermott, speaking of his recent healthcare experiences at SAP’s Palo Alto campus on a panel Wednesday about "Personalized Medicine."

"You can't keep raising the price forever." said Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, adding that "these things have a way of correcting and balancing out before something draconian happens."

-Comcast CEO Brian Roberts, speaking at a Goldman Sachs conference in mid-September.

-SAP Chief Digital Officer Jonathan Becher.

"My main motivation is not the money — [previous venture] Dronecast is working," Singh said. "I want to do something really impactful. Uber is worth $51 billion. I really just want to hurt their business, in a way. I expect a call from [Uber CEO] Travis Kalanick this afternoon."

-Self-styled Philly entrepreneur Raj Singh, on his proposed free Uber competitor, NoMoCab, that would rely on advertising and tips for income. In one quote, evidently stripped from one publication, Singh said something like NoMoCab was "about to be valued at $100M."

Can you say "Mission Accomplished?" The Royals came back to win the game, and eventually the series. The premature tweeting was apparently attributed to a younger staffer.

"As in the past, they are nearly unanimous in sentiment. The difference now is that their sentiment is fear."

-Fortune writer Dan Primack, on his latest trip to Silicon Valley a couple of weeks back, on his talks with the 'investor class' mainly concerning large, unicorn-like private investments.

“Apple is having conversations with everyone about doing their own streaming services. We have had those conversations, as have the other networks. Do I think something will happen? Probably, but I do not know when".

-CBS CEO Les Moonves.

“That’s just proven to be a loser of an approach in a lot of other domains I’m not arguing this from first principles. There are 40 years’ worth of examples.”

-MIT professor David Mindell, questioning the design approach taken by developers of Google's self-driving cars, interviewed by the publication MIT News .

"Features of automated self-driving cars will appear incrementally and organically, with vehicles eventually driving themselves. This will make the cars affordable and encourage public adoption."

- Raj Rajkumar, professor of electrical and computer engineering and the co-director of the GM Collaborative Research Lab at Carnegie Mellon.