A different point of view on Comcast / Disney / 21st Century Fox outcomes

Dan Primack (Axios Pro Rata) gives an alternative view on Comcast/Disney/Fox:

Unconventional wisdom: It may be time for Brian Roberts and Bob Iger to put their animosity and egos aside, and at least consider a Comcast-Disney merger. It would largely solve each company's primary problem (content for Comcast, distribution for Disney) and the added firepower could let them overpay for Sky without also overpaying for Fox (thus guaranteeing Comcast much of the international distribution it craves). It's not a perfectly elegant solution, particularly since ABC would probably have to be carved out. But, as things currently stand, the only person who knows he'll be smiling at the end is Rupert Murdoch.


Comcast is fighting hard to remain a top-tier media/telecom firm, but Primack suggests it
may not have enough financial weight to maintain that status during the ongoing consolidation.