Philly Tech News Quotes & Tweets 12/18/2014

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"One of the biggest things you have employee representatives that are actually on the board of directors. Think about an American board with all these external power brokers [also] actually having employees that are voted to board seats [and] they have the same vote as the external directors. You have to really have patience and the temperament to listen."

Bill McDermott, to the Philadelphia Inquirer, on being CEO of SAP SE.

SEC chair: No 'drop-dead date' for equity crowdfunding rules - Dan Primack/Fortune

Rutledge: OTT is ‘Playing With Fire’ - Tom Rutledge, CEO of Charter Communications, at UBS Global Media & Communications conference in New York.

“No venture capitalist would give us money. We raised all the money privately. I was thrown out of Sequoia three times, US Venture Capital three times,” -Marc Benioff as quoted by Business Insider.

First Round Capital Holiday Video 2014

Its here: