Looking back at some past GE ads

Tom Paine

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Its too early to be writing obituaries for GE. But in anticipation of that time, we can start reminiscing about some of its great ads:

GE: "We bring good things to life" was the main corporate umbrella ad for many years (BBDO, 1979-2003, which ia a very long time). It was an effort to convince consumers that GE was more than nuclear bombs, nuclear plants, airplane engines that occasionally malfunctioned, and an awful NBC before Comcast took control.

The GE Healthcare / Matrix ad was classic, really pushing the envelope in corporate advertising. GE hired Agent Smith of 'The Matrix'. (Connected Hospital,BBDO, 2013)

Today GE announced plans to sell 20% of GE Healthcare and spin off the remainder to shareholders.

And a recent ad targeted for the Olympics: