Flynn's real crime?

Tom Paine

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Now some media people are saying the Flynn case has been totally separated from Russia and focuses only on Turkey. But I wonder:

Turkey indicts 28 people, including cleric Gulen, for 2016 assassination of Russian envoy (November 23, 2018)

Do't know if there's any truth to these charges, but maybe Putin wants him as much as Erdogan does.


On Sunday, I tweeted this:


Today, this appeared:

If I recall correctly, Flynn's involvement in this is what the Feds considered his real crime. In transition staff meetings, Flynn reportedly suggested how Gulen might be removed from the US without due process (extradition).

Getting the plea from Flynn on the minor perjury charge may have gotten him off the hook on Turkey-related charges in return.

I don't know enough about Turkish politics and religious schisms to be able to judge whether Gulen is good or bad, but I certainly wouldn't hand him over to Erdogan unless there is verifiable overwhelming evidence against him. It could cost him his life.

And as for Flynn, this demonstrates his lack of judgement and ethics.