Links 4/1: Phorum Demo Pit finalists named; Rovi sues Comcast for patent infringement

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Demo Pit Finalists Announced for Phorum 2016 (PACT)

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Rovi Sues Comcast for Patent Infringement, Shares Fall (WSJ: CMO Today)

Rovi Plummets Following Patent Lawsuit Against Comcast (Bloomberg BNA)

Happy Valley LaunchBox officially open for businesses (Daily Collegian)

Dell-Owned SecureWorks to IPO This Month (Re/code)

This week in N.Y.C. funding news: Raden, Major League Hacking, Slice Labs (New York Business Journal)

Asana Raises $50 Million for Its Task Management App: Why It Matters ( Chris Kanaracus, Alan Lepofsky / Constellation Research)

First Round Capital establishes Romper Room Fund

Tom Paine

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Because of the notable success of First Round Capital's Dorm Room Fund on college campuses, the venture capital firm today announced the formation of the Romper Room Fund.

Named after the long-running TV show, the Romper Room Fund will target three to four year old pre-schoolers. "This is simply a natural progession in our efforts to identify younger startup founders. We think we have a formula for identifying potentially successful entrepreneurs at an early age," said First Round partner Josh Kopelman. The firm has developed a complex algorithm, similar to those at some of its portfolio firms, that predicts a child's probability for entrepreneurial success.

Kopelman emphasized that the pre-schoolers will not be burdened with major responsibilities at such early ages. "We will give them perhaps a few thousand dollars seed money to play with to see how they do."

An appropriately scaled incubator will be established, with a plentiful supply of cookies and juice and plenty of nap time.