Links 1/20: Newtown-based Bioclinica buys NC automated trial payments vendor

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Bioclinica buys Clinverse citing pharma demand for trial payment efficiency (Outsourcing Pharma)
North Carolina-based Clinverse had major backing from Edison Partners. Its main competitors in the automated clinical payments market are Greenphire (King of Prussia) and CFS Clinical (Audubon), which was acquired by DrugDev. Bioclinica is based in Doylestown.

Comcast Partners With Twitter-Owned Niche and 19 Influencers to Pitch Its Cable Box (Ad Week)

Jack Dorsey Juggles Twitter and Square, Both Caught in Downdraft
(NY Times)

Amazon's Cloud Is Not Enterprise-Ready, Says Oracle Exec (Fortune)

The top 5 Hadoop distributions, according to Forrester (Network World)

Phiily Tech News Notable Quotes & Tweets of the Week 1/20/2016

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"We’re gonna get Apple to start building their damn computers and things in this country, instead of in other countries."

Donald Trump, speaking Monday at Liberty Universty.

"As for Amazon – I don’t think there’s a successful business model on the planet that Amazon isn’t considering disrupting. As in the enterprise, with AWS as a launch pad, the sky’s the limit (actually Amazon’s drones mean the sky’s not a limiting factor either :) ) I think Jeff Bezos and Amazon would be the platform competitor I would worry about the most, and it may make sense at some point for to look over its shoulder at AWS and start working to co-opt the Bezos juggernaut."

Josh Greenbaum of Enterprise Applications Consulting, from
last week's Salesforce Analyst Summit

“I’m like, ‘How could I get this lucky?’ That’s how I feel.”

SAP CEO Bill McDermott, on recovering from his eye injury.

"The market thinks (Radnor-based) software developer Qlik Technologies is growing fast. We don’t buy it. Eventually, investors won’t either."

Dow Jones columnist Vito J Racanelli, in a Barron's column: Qlik’s Waning Value

“I called my contacts at G.E. and said, literally: ‘Help, what’s going on here? My phone is ringing off the hook. I’ve got three TV stations with crews coming in a half-hour.’

Michael Tetreau, Fairfield, CT first selectman, on reacting to the news that GE Headquarters was leaving town for Boston.

“No relation between their current profitability and their market value”

FX Networks Chief Executive John Landgraf, on Netflix.

Comcast Cable Vice President - Internet Services Jason Livingood, explaining why Comcast service reps might urge customers using very old networking equipment to upgrade.