Daily Links 9/23/2010: QlikTech says its launching aggressive Global Recruitment Initiative

QlikTech Launches Aggressive Global Recruitment Initiative (Business Wire via MarketWatch)

Hey Cable Guys! Cord Cutting is Real, and It’s a Problem, Says Verizon CEO (All Things Digital: MediaMemo)

Comcast Tees Up TV Everywhere Relaunch (Light Reading)

Zucker: Comcast Integration Top Priority
Says NBC Turnaround Has Begun
(Multichannel News)

Perelman Bids $85 Million for Philadelphia Inquirer and Sister Newspaper (Bloomberg)
Lenders again win auction of Philadelphia newpapers (Reuters)

Ellison jabs at Salesforce, recaps Exalogic before finally previewing Fusion in closing keynote (ZDNet Blogs)

Hara: 40 Customers, New Software and Growing Fast
The city of Philadelphia is the company’s latest customer.
(Greentech Media)

Kopelman cancels on TechCrunch (Wonder Why)

“Ask A VC” Guest Swap: Kopelman Out; Hirshland In (TechCrunch)
Didn't know First Round Capital was raising a new fund. But perhaps this has something to do with it:

After Quiet Dinner, Angels Get Indigestion (New York Times: DealBoook)
Collusion in Silicon Valley Investing? (New York Times: DealBook)
Angel investors fire back at Arrington.