Highlights 9/29: Comcast launches Watchable digital video service; ComScore, Rentrak to merge

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Toyota Is First To Sponsor NBCUniversal-AOL Content Alliance (Variety)

Comcast Launches Its Digital Video Service as Verizon Does the Same. Do You Want Another Video Service? (Re/code)

Comcast launches Watchable video service on cable, iOS, and the web (The Verge)

ComScore and Rentrak Strike Merger Deal (New York Times)
Effort to create stronger competitor to Nielson, pushed by Matin Sorrell. His WPP will control a 16% stake in the combined company.

How to Save $46 Million at Cablevision: Take Out the Dolans (Bloomberg)

Veeva Systems Acquires Zinc Ahead (Marketwatch)

IBM Announces Plans to Build Cloud Platforms Based on Specific Industries

Beautiful chart-I guess that's one thing IBM's great at making. But what does it all mean? And where are the industry-specifics?

Workday’s next mission: improve hire learning (Fortune)

Workday has Oracle in its sights, execs still smarting from PeopleSoft takeover (FierceCIO)