Enterprise Bits / Small morsels of enterprise software news which, if taken together, may amount to something

Tom Paine

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"While SAP has spent more money with Microsoft and Google over the past 12 months, “our SAP internal share of wallet stays pretty stable at 70 percent” according to the text of the AWS memo."


"For the better part of the past year, Dell and Silver Lake worked to destroy the value of the Tracker by (1) raising the possibility of a Dell IPO, (2) floating the idea of a merger with VMware and (3) threatening a forced conversion of the Tracker into Dell common stock, among other tactics. These scare tactics are reminiscent of the tactics Machiavelli advised the Borgia rulers to use centuries ago."

Carl C. Icahn: Open Letter To Stockholders of Dell’s DVMT Tracking Stock

iCIMS is based at North Jersey's BellWorks, has received its primary funding from Susquehanna Growth Equity, and appears IPO ready based on most metrics. It has flown somewhat under the radar in my opinion, except for HR people.

A Bay Area company, Anaplan, went public in the past week, part of a new generation of corporate planning tools, with some SAP and local connections.

Most people don't know, however, that Anaplan came to life in this idyllic spot in the UK.