Veeva establishing new hub near Columbus, but Radnor presence will continue

Tom Paine

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Veeva Systems, the high-flying cloud computing company for the Life Sciences industry, announced in March it was opening a new hub in Dublin, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. In late April it announced it had leased space. Veeva is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA.

Veeva (NYSE: VEEV) now has a market cap of over $10 billion, and that's not built upon some mythical expectations; revenue increased 23% to $185 million and net profit margin grew 26% in its quarter ending in January.

Its one of most closely watched cloud computing companies on Wall Street. Veeva offers a closely integrated series of apps and data along with a proprietary SaaS database infrastructure (though it uses the Salesforce platform for its CRM business) which helps Pharma companies manage sales and regulatory activities.

Veeva plans to increase to 130 employees in three years across its engineering, IT, services, and finance organizations in the Columbus region.

Veeva also has maintained, since its origin in 2007, a Radnor office headed by President & cofounder Matt Wallach which has contributed considerably to its sales, marketing and product development. Veeva, which employs more than 200 in the Philly area, will continue that presence, a Veeva spokesperson told me.

Veeva currently has about 2200 employees worldwide.

This is a writeup that describes why Columbus may be drawing tech companies: