Cash Is for Losers! (Bloomberg Business Week)
Detailed article on Philly-born Venmo, including its early days, how its acquisition by Braintree (in turn acquired by PayPal) was almost out of desperation, the fact that despite the enormous volume of mobile payments it processes it generates minimal revenue, and how its co-founders' current roles at Venmo appear unclear.

The planned spinoff of PayPal by EBay will likely increase the attention Venmo receives.

Comcast Stretches Broadband Subscriber Lead In Q3 (Investor's Business

FCC Barred From Disclosing TV Contracts in Comcast Review (Bloomberg)

A double-Logo SAP ? (Pixelbase)
SAP employees unhappy with new SAP logo so the old one is brought back; CEO Bill McDermott wants employees to focus on
running the actual business.