What do latest changes at PeopleLinx mean?

Tom Paine

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Philly-based PeopleLinx, which in March lost a key component of its original product offering when LinkedIn withdrew access to its API, last week announced that one cofounder,
Patrick Baynes, was leaving to pursue other entreprenuial opportunities, and the other, former CEO Nathan Egan, was reshuffeld to another position. So, as I crptically commented next to the news item the other night, "leaves some questions unanswered about company's future".

Not at all, CMO Michael Idinopulos tells me, PeopleLinx is doing quite well. Six-figure contracts have been signed with several new clients; PeopleLinx3, with a new UI and greater ease of use, is coming out soon; and the company just raised another $1.5 million in debt-based venture capital. Baynes has always been an entreprneur eager to find the next thing, and Egan remains integral to Peoplelinx' customer acquisition process.

But a key is putting more exprienced pepole in key positions, with former COO Kevin O'Nell
taking over as CEO. O'Nell, a managing partner with PepoleLinx investor MissionOG,e served as COO for Conshohocken-based eCount before and after its acquisition by Citi (Citi Prepaid), as well as having run product development for a division of Capital One.