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BehaviorMatrix a major vendor to Corbett campaign

Tom Paine

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Last month I wrote about BehaviorMatrix, a Blue Bell-based company that provides a sophisticated social media analytics platform. One of the issues I discussed with them was how much work they were doing for political clients as opposed to commercial (such as Pharma) clients. A New York Times article from last year characterized BehaviorMatrix as contributing to a GOP effort to dramatically improve its social media capabilities in order to catch up to its competition. While BehaviorMatrix execs William Thompson and Charles Davis confirmed the firm's political work to me, the two execs said they were independents and not particularly tied to the GOP.

Last month PoliticsPA reported on Governor Corbett's campaign spending to date. The report, which appeared to cover the period through March of this year, said the Corbett campaign had raised $1.4 million and spent $3 million so far. Interestingly enough, the campaign's largest single expenditure was to BehaviorMatix: $375,000 for voter outreach services. "We are executing our plan that is rooted in building a grassroots structure with a heavy emphasis on using new technologies and data that will help us share Governor Corbett’s message and record with the voters,” PoliticsPA quotes Corbett campaign manager Mike Barley as saying.

I've asked BehaviorMatrix whether the firm has any comment on its work for the Corbett campaign.