Looking back at Josh Kopelman's Midas Capital

It is interesting to take a look back at Midas Capital, which was the personal investment fund of First Round Capital's Josh Kopelman. Although no longer actively investing, it had quite a portfolio, which you can see here.

Through Midas, Kopelman was a fairly early investor in LinkedIn, which filed in January for an IPO that could value the company in the $2 billion range, according to some observers. Kopelman also was an early investor in Boomi, the Berwyn-based Cloud services company that Dell acquired late last year. Kopelman had apparently become familiar with Boomi as a customer while he was running Half.com.

Also, there was TurnTide, the anti-spamming software company that was spun off from ePrivacy Group in 2004 and sold to Symantec six months after its creation for $28 million. Other Midas investments included InstaMed Communications, the successful Philadelphia-based health payments network; Delicious, the social bookmarking service sold to Yahoo in 2005 for somewhere in the $15 to 30 million range; Five Below, the off-price retail chain for kids currently backed by Philly-based LLR Partners; and another anti-spam business, IronPort, which was acquired by Cisco Systems for $830 million in 2007.

Not too bad.