Daily Links 5/31/2012: Comcast gets it from both sides at shareholder meeting

Comcast CEO Hears Labor, MSNBC, Other Criticism at Annual Meeting (Hollywood Reporter)

Cable still beating telcos at the broadband game (Gigaom)

T-Mobile pits its math against Verizon’s; The loser? Common sense (Gigaom)

Ellison 'to tweet' announcement of new Oracle cloud-based products
(ZDNet Blogs)

Ellison Says Oracle Looked At Buddy Media Before Vitrue (Bloomberg)

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison: Dog Fight in the Cloud (All Things D)
Ellison on Léo Apotheker: "Then they brought in Leo. Then when we subpeonaed him, he went on the lam!
They sent him to Bolivia to talk to customers. And then they sent him to Mongolia to talk to customers, just beyond the reach of the federal subpoena. They should have left him in Mongolia, because when he got to California, it got bad."

The Ariba Fallout — How the SAP Procurement Partner and BPO Ecosystem Could be Shaken Up (Jason Busch/Enterprise Irregulars)

Two Years Ago, VC Said Change Was Due — He Was Right (PYMNTS)
Josh Kopelman was the VC.

Looks Like Pinterest, Takes On Evernote: Clipboard Launches Its Web Clipping Service To All (TechCrunch)
First Round Capital was a seed investor in Seattle-based Clipboard.

Philly Startup Leaders adds Gabe Weinberg, Josh Kopelman (Technically Philly)

Amazon to build warehouses in N.J., collect sales tax (Philadelphia Inquirer)

How We Founded myYearbook (Inc. via Yahoo)

Two Architects of Library Discovery Tools Launch an Altmetrics Venture (Library Journal)
On Philly area startup Plum Analytics.