Daily Links 11/15/2012: Report discusses Apple TV, Arris involvement, & potential impact on Comcast network

Over the top: the new war for TV is just beginning (The Verge)

Arris: Jefferies Gauges Apple Television, Google ‘Home’ Prospects (Barron's: Tech Trader Daily)
Projected purchase price of Motorola Home keeps shrinking; Arris technology could show up in Apple TV. Possible impact of Apple TV launch on Comcast's (largest Arris customer) net examined.

Advanced Video Ad Startup Banks VC Cash (Light Reading Cable)
Comcast a customer.

Billtrust Funded to Help Move Business Transactions Into the Digital Age (Wall Street Journal: Venture Capital Dispatch)

Negative November Philly, New York factory gauges
Philly Fed November Business Outlook Survey.

SAP unveils more than 30 new apps for HANA (ZDNet)

20 startups said to buy SAP HANA in-memory database
SAP hopes grassroots approach can help seed a robust HANA ecosystem

Higher ed's high-tech headache (Robert L. Mitchell/Computerworld Blogs)

Enterprise Technology Parks Partners with Recovery Networks to Provide IT Disaster Recovery to Customers Affected by Hurricane Sandy (Business Wire)

Corbett Administration Accelerates Technology Commercialization, Helps Grow Industry Statewide (PR Newswire)

Pennsylvania's eHealth Collaborative exceeds federal goal for participants (Pittsburgh Business Times)