Links 1/29/2014: Google to sell Moto Mobility to Lenovo for about $3 billion

Phorum 2014 to Explore Customer Engagement as Top Enterprise Tech Trend (Business Wire)

Lenovo To Buy Motorola Mobility From Google For About $3B (TechCrunch)
Google bought Moto Mobility for $12.4 billion, sells its phone business for $2.9 billion, sold Horsham-based Home unit to Arris (with Comcast taking stake) for $2.35 billion; said to retain most patents (at least from phone business). Moto Mobility also had $3 billion
in cash and $1 billion in tax credits when Google acquired it, according to DealBook. Google said at the time of the acquisition that it valued Moto Mobility's patents at $5.5 billion.

It’s Official: Lenovo Is Buying Motorola From Google for $2.91 Billion (Re/code)

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