Comcast update: The good, the bad, and the ugly?

Tom Paine

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Comcast Said to Face DOJ Probe Over Local Cable-TV Ad Market (Bloomberg)
The unit at the center of this inquiry, Comcast Spotlight, is based in Chesterbrook.
Comcast Spotlight / Chesterbrook

Comcast-backed CTI Towers nabs 120 towers from @VyveBroadband, remains small player in overall mkt (Multichannel News)
Comcast doesn't like to remain a small player in any market for too long.

Wall Street Journal: Comcast's previous agreement with YES Network was based on presumption of Time Warner Cable deal going through:
"But Comcast agreed to the higher rate while it was in the process of buying Time Warner Cable, the person close to Comcast said. After the merger fell apart, the price no longer made sense, the person said."
Here Are the Real Reasons Comcast Customers Won’t Get to Watch Nets, Yankees Games (WSJ)`

Comcast, Time Warner Cable get 71% of new Internet subscribers (Ars Technica)

Fox, Time Warner, Comcast Dragged Into Legal Mess Surrounding Daily Fantasy Sports (Hollywood Reporter)

FanDuel, Facing Opposition, Maintains Its Visibility in New York (NY Times)
Its hard to account for how much of the $361 million in venture funding FanDuel is reported to have received came from what sources, but Comcast Ventures snd NBC Sports Ventures (separately) have been major investors. bi-coastal area native Paul Martino's Bullpen Capital was an important early if smaller backer, and Rudy Karsan through his Karlani Capital also invested. Its a high stakes poker game, but for Comcast the number of chips it staked will be barely a small rounding error.

Stream TV: Comcast’s cable guys have ‘cracked the code’ for cord-cutters (Boston Globe)