Comcast owns a small stake in an MLB franchise (no, its not what you think, though the Cable giant has considerable influence over the Phils due to its broadcast rights). Comcast is trying to sell its stake but not finding many takers yet, since its a run down franchise controlled by owners who gave money generously to Madoff.

Now that Comcast has won the battle for Sky, what does Roberts do with Europe’s biggest satellite pay-TV company?

Wayne-based specialty managed care provider Genex reached a merger agreement with San Diego-based Mitchell International. Its a bigger deal than you might think .

Don't let success make you vulnerable to this 'disease,' says SAP CEO Bill McDermott . And he reflects upon how his eye injury changed - improved his life.

Salesforce singles out gaps in Microsoft and Oracle’s services in its road map for growth, but sees little in common with SAP.

And Alibaba and SAP deepened their Global Partnership to Accelerate Intelligent Enterprises in China.

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Tom Paine

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PhillyTechNews has changed domain names, to . This is a reflection of where I want to take the website; Its a big, dynamic sector and where I believe my greatest knowledge is. Enterprise software is not just ERP anymore.

My website may have been hard to find in past months, so this is to let you know where its at. I've appreciated all who have been with me in the past and hope some who lost me will return. My product has continued to evolve and hopefully improve.

The name change is not huge from a practical point of view. I'll continue to cover most companies and subjects that I've been doing before, and Comcast will remain a key. I'm also going to double down on healthcare technology because a true revolution is occurring here, and there are more high potential new startups in Philly than you can shake a stick at. While I'm not a clinical professional, I've learned much more from personal experience about healthcare and know when to ask the tough questions.

And lastly, as always I welcome ideas, suggestions and support. I will be responsive to them.