Safeguard Scientifics celebrates 40 years on the NYSE; Special Librarians invade Philly

Safeguard Scientifics, which historically had been the major catalyst behind the growth of the Philly area's tech sector and remains an important factor today, is celebrating its 40th year of being listed on the New York Stock Exchange, which it will culminate by ringing the NYSE closing bell on July 14. Safeguard is rather unique, being one of the few publicly listed firms whose primary business is venture capital.

As part of its commemoration, Safeguard has set up a special website, which will highlight 40 significant historical facts about Safeguard - one per day leading up to July 14. For example, one of those facts is that Safeguard was originally founded as the Lancaster Corporation in 1953.

The Special Libraries Association (SLA) will hold its 2011 Annual Conference at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, beginning on Sunday and running through June 15. Special Librarians are special people; they bring a great deal of specific knowledge and expertise to fields like business, technology, medicine and healthcare. The information business is big in the Philly area, and Drexel's iSchool has one of the best Special Library programs in the country. The Philadelphia chapter of the SLA will play a role in hosting the conference.