Concentra Analytics, UK enterprise SaaS company with US base in Philly, gets $56.4 million investment

Tom Paine

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Companies such as SAP and Qlik both started US units around Philly when they were still relatively small outfits from Europe. Now another young, promising import with deep funding is growing in Philly.

Concentra Analytics, a London-based SaaS and data analytics company, attracted a $56.4 million investment led by One Peak Partners , with paticipation from Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital and others. Concentra’s flagship product, OrgVue, is a leading solution for HR analytics, organisation design and workforce planning.

Concentra's US base is in Philadelphia, with offices at 1600 Market Street. According to LinkedIn, it appears to have about 10 employees based here (out of 170 globally). Russ Clarke is President, North America for Concentra OrgVue.

Concentra says revenue would be around 20 million pounds ($27 million) this year, up from 8.3 million pounds two years ago.

A major planned use of the new capital is international expansion.

“We’ve been cautious to date and that was prudent,” Concentra founder & CEO Rupert Morrison told Reuters. “But we’ve proved that we can make a profit, we’ve proved that we can scale and grow and have a world beating product, and now is the time to try and grab the market as fast as possible.”