Daily Links 11/22/2010: Franken Seeks Probe of Comcast for Naming NBC Managers

Comcast’s Plans for Executives Offer Clues to Future of NBC (New York Times)

For NBC Sale, Tensions Rise in Washington (New York Times)

Senator (Franken) Seeks Probe of Comcast for Naming NBC Managers (Bloomberg)

FiOS Zips Into Speed Lead With 150-Meg Broadband
Verizon Boasts 150/35 Mbps Tier is Fastest Residential Broadband in U.S.
(Multichannel News)

SAP CEO promises users clear product roadmaps
Jim Snabe highlights in-memory, cloud and mobile at user group conference

Oracle Asks Jurors to Find SAP Owes $1.7 Billion (Bloomberg)

Philadelphia University Announces Groundbreaking New College of Design, Engineering and Commerce (PR Newswire)

Ben Franklin (Northeastern Pennsylvania) to Invest $915,141 in PA Technology Companies (Business Wire)

Hacking away at the Next Big Thing
Baltimore event brings tech mavens together to work on projects
(Baltimore Sun)

Novell through the years (Network World)
Safeguard Scientifics was an early backer.

Does US need Chalfont firm's new PCs?
(Philly.com: Philly Deals)

Innovative Tech Company Offers Free Tours Of Future ‘Green’ Data Center
(Business Wire)