Did you now that the Consumer Electronics Show was almost held in Philly one year?

Tom Paine

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The plan was to hold a summer Consumer Electronics Show that would move around from one city to another, with a planned show in 1995 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. However, a conflict resulted in that summer show being canceled, and CES soon became permanently settled once a year in Las Vegas.

Looking back (2 years ago) to Neat Company's appearance on 'Celebrity Apprentice'

Tom Paine

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Coming up on two years ago (January 5, 2015), Philadelphia's The Neat Company appeared on Donald Trump's 'Celebrity Apprentice'.

The appearance, which I would guess might have been arranged through Wharton connections (Penn-related MentorTech Ventures, which morphed into Red and Blue Ventures, is an investor), featured a team of male celebs competing against a team of female celebs to prepare an advertising spot for Neat's cloud offering.

The women won with what was actually a very effective pitch:

The men, typically, had some internal power struggles and didn't understand the product features as clearly:

Afterwards, Trump fired men's project manager Kevin Jonas`. "He tried to outthink me and nobody outthinks me -- Nobody," said the always modest Trump.

The issue of how Neat is doing now is sort of a black hole, with no real news except tidbits from an April Technically Philly article.

But as was reported earlier this month, Trump plans to remain an executive producer of 'Apprentice' even after his presidency begins, though he says he'll take no active role in the show.

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