PA Turnpike hires IT consultant: Maybe using IT to improve safety would be a good idea

Tom Paine

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Ironically, the day before the latest traffic apocalypse on the Pennsylvania Turnpike
on Valentine's Day, the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission announced it had chosen Decision Lens, which describes itself as "the leading provider of cloud-based prioritization and resource optimization software," to assist its CIO and senior management in prioritizing and planning future IT pojects. The release indicates that Decision Lens is used by several other state transit authorities, including PENNDOT, which is managed separately from the Turnpike.

I don't know whether the types of projects the Commission may consider would include any that help better manage traffic, detect hazardous road conditions (perhaps using road sensors), and create better systems for warning motorists of approaching trouble. Might
not be a bad idea, since the PA Turnpike seems to have more than its share of these incidents.