Links 11/21/2014: Fab may be sold off for $!5-25 million; Aereo files for bankruptcy: AirClic acquired

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Former Rising Star Fab May Sell to PCH at a Steep Discount (Wall Street Journal: Digits)
Fab was valued at about $1 billion after one of its financing rounds, but now may sell for as little as $15 to $25 million, according to reports. First Round Capital was an early investor, though I doubt its exposure is significant. (I mean cash exposure; I don't know when they recognize book gains.)

Aereo, a live-stream TV startup, files for bankruptcy (Fortune)
Another startup that FRC invested in, though again probably with limited exposure. Barry Diller's IAC Corp made the biggest bet. I still would imagine that the technology is going to be worth something to somebody.

The Next Chapter (Aereo Blog)

Aereo CEO: Court Made Incredibly Wrong Decision, Cord-Cutting Is Inevitable (TechCrunch)

Amazon reportedly launching free, ad-supported video streaming service (Engadget)

Comcast SportsNet launches marketing campaign over possible Dish Network blackout (Washington Post)

Descartes Buys Transportation Tech Provider Airclic (Trevose) for $29.7 Million (Transport Topics)
AirClic reportedly recieved investments of $300 million or more going back to 2000.
This is the original press release from 2000 announcing the joint venture investment plans for AirClic. Its not known how much was eventually invested.

CMU to split $750K with two partners (including Drexel) to form PA Interactive Media Consortium (Pittsburgh Business Times)

Is SAP any clearer on its SME strategy?

Salesforce brings Social Studio deeper into its Cloud family (VentureBeat)

AWS is playing chicken with pricing, and enterprise incumbents will lose (Tech Republic)

HP boss Meg Whitman shuffles exec pawns just before biz splits (The Register)