SAP' s latest Sunday bombshell: Snabe leaving co-CEO role

Tom Paine

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I had just posted about Sanjay Poonen's Friday night tweet that he was leaving SAP:

and wondering whatever existential meaning it might have when this popped out on my alerts:

SAP Co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe Proposed for Election to the SAP Supervisory Board.

Actually, the release goes on to say that Snabe will step down from his day to day role to spend more time with his family.

What the timing of SAP's latest Sunday surprise (it often drops bombs on Sundays) means is beyond me to guess at for now. It does seem to resolve, at least for the present, a conflict some perceived that needed resolution: sooner or later Bill McDermott was going to run his own show, if not at SAP then somewhere else.

A bit more context from this Bloomberg article. SAP
is expected to have more to say tomorrow.

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